Backlist books for sale!

[This post updated November 19, 2014]

In the interest of clearing out the huge stacks of books in my basement, I'm going to sell half of them.  Most of my backlist is available in paperback, and if you order a copy it will be signed (state if you want it personalized to a specific person).  I charge $3 each, and that will cover the postage.  I won't make a bucket o' cash on them, since media mail is around $2.50.  Heck, you can't even get the one cent copies at Amazon for that price when postage is added in!
I will only accept payment by Paypal, so email toastfaery@gmail.com the list of books you'd like (and quantities) and I will send you a Paypal bill (include Paypal email you use).  Include your mailing address as well.  This is only open to US residents because the postage would far exceed the price for out of US.  Offer good until copies are sold out!  Here is the list of titles I have:

Ghost Wolf
Beyond The Moon
The Vampire Hunter
This Wicked Magic
The Matador's Crown
Forever Werewolf
Vacation With A Vampire
The Werewolf's Wife
Ashes of Angels
Angel Slayer
The Other Crowd
The Bone Conjurer sold out
Swordsman's Legacy sold out
Forever Vampire
Seducing The Vampire sold out
Her Vampire Husband sold out
Moon Kissed sold out
The Highwayman
Faeries Gone Wild (antho)
Midnight Cravings (antho; tradesize)
The Devil To Pay
Winter Kissed
His Forgotten Forever
Kiss Me Deadly
Familiar Stranger
From The Dark sold out
Getaway Girl  
Once A Thief
Rhiana (tradesize)
Gossamyr (tradesize) sold out
Seraphim (trade or mm) sold out


Sharon said...

wow, what a great deal! I will spread the word :) and probably order some for myself!

Michelle L Olson said...

Fantastic Michele!! I want Forever Vampire & Her Vampire Husband for sure. Yay!! :-)

Anna said...

Awesome! I just sent an email! Thanks!

Eco Erika said...

Oooo I'll take Ashes of Angels, Fallen & Angel slayer!!

I don't suppose ANY of these are YA? For my niece--as long as there's no sex she's in, but if not--more for me! Thank you!

Michele Hauf said...

Eco Erika, actually the Rogue Angels have no sex. They are all action/adventure like Lara Croft meets Indiana Jones. The Bone Conjurer, Swordsman Legacy, and The Other Crowd. Though, there is some violence and guns.

And my Lunas, while they had sex, it wasn't high on the heat quotient, and involved much more action adventure as well: Seraphim, Gossamyr, Rhiana

Donna said...

Ok! This is exciting! I have a couple of your ebooks, but not enough... I would like the Rogue Angels, and the Lunas, please... I think that's six... how do I pay you??

Azahlia - Victoria Iankova said...

That is sad. I'm from Bulgaria, Europe. Will one day Her Vampire Husband be released into the mass market?

Michele Hauf said...

Hmmm, Bulgarian release. I'm not sure about that. As an author, I usually don't find out about foreign releases until the book is actually out! I know it's been picked up in the UK, and I had opportunity to speak to the Scandinavian editors recently and they said they were just starting to put out vampire stories in their countries. But I don't know about Bulgaria. I'm so sorry! I'll put a note into my editor. She passes things along, and eventually we do hear, one way or another.

Azahlia - Victoria Iankova said...

I meant will the book be again for purchase in english from online bookstores so people from outside USA and UK can buy it? Because now everywhere is either out of stock or notify me. ..

vange said...

just wondering if u send to guam

Michele Hauf said...

Azahlia, I just never know about release dates for outside US countries. Sorry! I try to announce it here when I do learn about it, but sometimes a book can be out in a foreign country and I don't know about it, ever.

I will send to Guam, but I would have to charge additional for postage, Vange.

Kay Rogal said...

Placed on FB :-)

Alison Rush said...

sent email for order of 3 Alison

Faith said...

Received my order. Thank you so much!!

Tammy said...

Hi Michele,

Is there any way of getting orders for someone (me) who lives in Canada?

Michele Hauf said...

Tammy, I would have to charge you postage. Email me at toastfaery@gmail.com and we can discuss!