The Ultimate VampList stats and Contest!

Figured it was time to talk about the VampList, since I like to mention it every year or so, to let people know it's out there. Find it at vampire-books.com. I believe it's the oldest and largest listing of vampire books on the Interwebz. I've been posting it online since 1995, and it started with about 100 titles. Now, I think I'm over 4000 (though I haven't counted lately.) I started it, not as a means to become a thorough bibliography, but more as a list of all the vampire books I could find. A list vampire readers could use to print up, and mark off titles they'd read, and marvel over just how many titles they have yet to read. And do you think anyone could ever read them all?

I just include the basics: title, author, publisher, pub date. I decided early on to link as many of the titles as I could to Amazon. At the time, it was the major book retailer on the web, and I thought if a person wanted more info about the title, they could click and do further research themselves. I had once dallied with the idea of linking to the authors' website, but decided against that. I didn't want to link to a site that may eventually disappear, or feature questionable material. It was easiest to keep all the links to one place, more fair, even though that excludes some self-pubbed titles and small presses who aren't listed at Amazon.

Anyway! Every few years I like to go through the ROMANCE category of the VampList and count how many books were released each year. This is a terribly unscientific method. I know I don't have ALL the titles out there. Mostly US releases, and yes, I can't find all the small press stuff (Which is why I encourage authors to send me their title info.). But it's interesting to look at how the vampire romance genre has grown over the years with these simple numbers. I started counting in 1997 (the year Dark Rapture was published). Here's the number of vamp romances per year (2009 is to date): (This awesome chart was made by SciFi Guy)

Interesting, eh? Vampires have continually risen over the years, and show very little sign of slowly down. From 2001 to 2002 the increase was stunning. Used to be you could maybe find one vampire romance a month to read. Now, there's over 10 new titles per month. Good news for vampire lovers! Do you think the numbers will start falling anytime soon?

Now for the contest: I'll run this through the rest of April. What I'm looking for, simply, is a new title I don't list at the VampList.
Now here's the unsimple part. The title must not be listed anywhere at the Ultimate VampList. That means if you think Love's Bloody Desire by Crimson Tears is not listed because you checked the entire first HORROR page, but you didn't check ROMANCE or MYSTERY or CHILDREN's, then it actually could be listed elsewhere. So do a thorough check on all categories! Also, I may have a title listed in the wrong category (not purposely), so that would count as an entry if you told me what the right category is, and how you know that is the right category.
If you are the author of the book, you can enter with your title, if it isn't listed, as well. But again, make sure it's not already listed. (I will check, and usually recognize any title I do list.)


Just enter a title that isn't listed. Include: title, author, publisher, pub date, and if it's a part of a series, mention that too.

Send entries to toastfaery@gmail.com

Wait! I'm not done yet. So you don't want to sort through all those titles to see what's missing? Fine. I have another means to enter. Link to The Ultimate VampList at your blog or website (and make it permanent!) and send me the URL to the page with the link so I can verify, and you are entered. Here is the URL for VampList: http://www.vampire-books.com. Title it: The Ultimate VampList.

I found a bunch of vampire books to give away as prizes. So I'm going to pick a handful of winners, and they can pick and choose. These are some of the titles I will offer: THE MONSTER BOOK by Christopher Golden, an ARC of PRETTY LITTLE DEVILS by Nancy Holder, WONDROUS STRANGE by Livingston (faeries), BROKEN by Kelley Armstrong, I THIRST FOR YOU by Susan Sizemore, PALE IMMORTAL by Anne Frasier, and an ARC of KISSING MIDNIGHT by Emma Holly (Not out until June!)



bridget3420 said...

Hi! I posted the link on my myspace page:


under the books section.


Elena said...

I've posted the link at my blog as well: http://allbookedup-elena.blogspot.com/2009/04/ultimate-vampire-book-list.html.

Should be an interesting resource to keep around given my reading interests lately.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

I put this up on the contest sidebar on my blog as a permanent link. I'll be keeping the link for my own use as well.



Blodeuedd said...

I am such a newbie vamp lover so I wouldn't know where to start.
Instead I posted it at my sidebar for all to see :)

Silke said...

Well you know me, I always gotta add the ole vamps into it. :)
And they told us "Vampires don't sell" *raise brow*
Riiiight. :)

Anyway, I've added the list on my blogroll under Reader Reference. :)

JC said...

Posted link on my blog:

Morpho Ophelia said...

It's amazing how many vampire romances there are now. When I sold Dark Dreams, I could hardly get anyone to read it.

Times change.

I am so glad to see your new works. Reading one of them now!

(Jane Harrison)

Michele Hauf said...

Jane, I just found a copy of Dark Dreams a few months back! It's definately a book I need to always have, because it was so good. Hope to find a chance to read it again some time this summer.

tynga85 said...

Just sent an email I found a book that's not on the list =)

tynga85 at hotmail.com